Photography is not at an easy task whether it is about taking pictures of things, buildings, landscapes, animals, birds, kids, adults and so on. This is not all about taking pictures; it is about the subject looking beautiful in a natural manner. It is one of the responsibilities of the professional photographer. When taking pictures, the subject must look as natural as possible!

Catching the true expressions of the subjects is the key to a great image, therefore capturing the real life portrait and true personality of the subject is the most important step in this type of photography.

Victor Bernard photography focuses on creating images that reflects your personality, stir up your deep emotions therefore creating unique character portraits.  This includes daydreaming/fantasizing, happiness, sensual, seductive or excited etc.

You might be a policeman or a plumber, a corporate executive or an athlete, a house wife or a mountain climber. Your children listen to music all day or might want to be a singer. It’s OK! Bring the props and the attitude, even the kitchen sink!

We will create a unique action portrait that truly represent who you are exactly!

At Victor Bernard, professional Las Vegas Expression photography, this is what it’s all about!