Take a Risk! Photographer Rep.

[by Selina Maitreya]

Years ago I was an agent, and repped a top photographer in Boston. I was in my game going on 40 portfolio appointments a month. Early on in the process I got very frustrated as ad’s would quickly look through my talent’s portfolio, flipping pages fast. I was usually in and out in 15 minutes.

One day after yet another quick meeting with a prospect that netted little connection and even less attention to the portfolio I left the office. I immediately turned around and went right back in. I plopped myself into a chair, and proceeded to ask my contact every question I’d ever wanted to ask. He was kind and helpful and from that very rocky beginning a new process for in-person visits was birthed. It’s one I share with my 1 on 1 clients every day. Its honest, impactful, service oriented and very quickly creates connection.

It also requires a bit of bravery, has been described as “out of the box” and I guarantee you, may make you stop and think twice. BUT…if you utilize this idea and make it your own, I guarantee you your appointments will last longer, you will gain more understanding of your client and their needs and you will make more of a connection with your contact.

When you call for your appointment communicate to your contact that you are interested in seeing them as you’d like to talk about what a valuable relationship with a photographer looks like to them, and that you’d like to discuss their photo needs and show them your work. When you are in their office, start by reminding them that you know that valuable relationships with photographers look different to different people and that you would like to know what value looks like to them.

Be sincere. You should want to know the answer to this question. You cant provide good service to your clients if you don’t know what that looks like to them.

If this process sounds like a stretch for you…stretch. Give it a try. In today’s competitive world, excellent service speaks volumes. My clients report that when they start their appointments this way, clients open up to them, they learn a lot and by the time they are sharing their work, contacts are engaged. They leave knowing much more about their clients, and their clients know that they truly care about them as well.

via Strictly Business.