What’s new in social media?

[by Rosh Sillars]

What with all the noise on the Web, it can be tough to keep current with updates to social media platforms. Here are a few worthy of noting:

LinkedIn has updated its company search. Now you can search companies based on criteria such as location, how close companies are to your network, or keywords related to the business.

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ASMP’s Best Practice for Social Networking Sites Part 4


To give you an idea of how your images may or may not be used according to the TOS, let’s pretend we have a photographer, Melissa, who has posted a photograph of a cow on top of a lighthouse.

A. Can the hosting company create a coffee table book called Stranger than Fiction, which includes Melissa’s photograph?

Photobucket — yes. Twitter — maybe. All other sites — no.

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ASMP’s Best Practice for Social Networking Sites Part 3

Common Terms:

Before offering our recommendations, it’s helpful to review the basic contours of the TOS. These are general areas of common ground, but you should review the specifics of each site’s TOS before posting.

The companies acknowledge that they are not getting a copyright interest in any of your photographs. (When discussing photographs, unless noted, the same would generally be true for any media).

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ASMP’s Best Practice for Social Networking Sites Part 2

Terms of Service (TOS) Considerations

As you decide whether to post images on a social networking site, you’ll have to keep in mind the great difference between legal rights and technological capability. Although we strongly recommend that you read the TOS for any site before you post any images, we want to warn you that the terms are only one consideration. Although they provide some shape to the legal landscape of your rights and the rights of the hosting company and other users, they are also limited in their practical effect for at least four reasons:

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